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Frequently asked questions

Will the program help me if I have other causes of pain in addition to fibromyalgia?

Yes, our program is helpful for primary or secondary fibromyalgia, and any type of centrally sensitized pain (widespread, amplified, unexplained, persistent pain). Although we speak directly to the fibromyalgia experience, the tools and strategies included are best practice for chronic pain management more broadly  including specific conditions such as different types of arthritis, endometriosis, Ehler Danlos Syndrome, ankylosing spondylitis, and more.

Who are the Support Coaches and how does coaching work?

Our Support Coaches are all alumni of the MoreGoodDays® program who understand first hand what it's like to live with fibromyalgia. They have learned to manage their fibromyalgia (and often other conditions) and are trained in our evidence-based approach. They are not clinicians and do not provide medical advice or recommend particular treatments.

Your Support Coach will provide a safe and positive space for you throughout your journey with MoreGoodDays®.

Your Coach will create a personalized treatment plan for you, to help you get the most out of the program. You can add additional sessions with your Coach whenever you need them for an additional cost.

Sessions can be conducted by Zoom video calls or phone – whatever you prefer. For video calls, you do not need to have Zoom downloaded, simply click the link that we provide. You can also reach out to your Coach via text message or email should you need guidance or support along the way.