Martine Buchman

Martine Buchman



Martine has a longstanding health coaching background in nutrition and worked for many years in both the United States and Australia as a Nutritionist and Lactation Consultant. She is very empathetic, non-judgmental and open-minded. Her coaching space is a safe space where no topic is off limits. Having struggled with anxiety most of her life, she is very comfortable talking about anxiety with others. And she loves being the person for others she wishes she had herself all those years ago. Martine was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 20 years ago. Over that time, she has found mechanisms that allow her to feel more like her old self again. The MoreGoodDays program further added to her toolkit of strategies, providing her with ways to break the stress-pain cycle and lower her pain dial. She believes in being an active participant in her own healing, which is why the MoreGoodDays program resonates deeply with her.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science- BaSc, Nutrition Sciences (Deakin University)
  • Bachelor of Arts- BA, English (Melbourne University)

Areas of Interest

  • Empowering and motivating clients
  • Diet and its impact on pain, fatigue, and mental health
  • Movement and emotional/physical wellbeing
  • Stress as a trigger for fibromyalgia and chronic pain