Dr Dan Harvie, PhD

Dr Dan Harvie, PhD

Physiotherapist, Pain Scientist, & Educator


I am a the Program Director of the Masters of Advanced Clinical Therapy program in the Allied Health & Human Performance unit at the University of South Australia, a Physiotherapist with interests in musculoskeletal and persistent pain, a clinical Pain Scientist. I have 40 scientific publications focussing largely on new approaches to chronic pain using virtual reality and modern understandings of sensory processing. I have been recognised for my innovative work, most recently with an Australian Institute for Policy and Science 'Tall Poppy award', and in the past with an ‘Outstanding Early Career Innovation Research Excellence Award, Griffith University’, a 'National Health and Medical Research Council Fellowship', and a national innovation iAward. I am a co-author of the book Pain and The Nature of Perception: A New Way to Look at Pain along with Professor Lorimer Moseley.


My formal training includes a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons), a Master of Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy, and a chronic-pain focussed PhD.