Tired of Flare-ups taking over your life?

"Instead of a Week a Month, I Might Get Flare-Ups a Week a Year… They're Nowhere Near as Intense and They're Not as Debilitating"

Turn down the volume on your flare-ups with our breakthrough pain-management program, which includes two bonus sessions with a specialist pain psychologist.

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Introducing a New Life Beyond Pain…

Sick of fibro flares bringing your entire life to a grinding halt? That unnerving feeling creeps in as you lie in bed dreading the night ahead – another flare-up coming. You’ve had a stressful day and that same old feeling. Your hands grow numb and tingly and resting in bed feels like lying atop a cactus. Maybe you’ve tried medication and it’s helped a little, but the side-effects cause new symptoms.

We understand the frustration all too well. You deserve better than endlessly chasing temporary band-aid solutions. The key is getting to the root cause and recalibrating your nervous system's pain response. That's why we've created the Flare-Up Relief Bundle – your opportunity to finally get lasting relief faster and more affordably than ever before.

The Powerful, Research-Backed Approach Helping Fibro-Warriors Like You Finally Find Flare-Up Relief

Our flare-relief program combines a revolutionary biopsychosocial approach, validated by Harvard Health, New Scientist and the New York Times. It works by retuning your misfiring pain network, which is currently driving your vicious flares. This can all be done from the comfort of your own home without any of the scary side effects. 

As you enjoy relief from the intensity of flare-ups and find yourself preventatively managing your triggers, your dedicated Support Coach is sending you messages of support and answering all your questions along the way. We’ve already significantly reduced flare intensity and frequency for hundreds who believed lasting relief was impossible. They have found new life beyond the pain. And so can you.

Rated 5 Stars Google Reviews

MoreGoodDays Makes Effective Pain Management More Accessible & Affordable Than Ever

An Individualized Solution as Unique as Your Own Experience of Fibro

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches that barely make a difference after months, our flare-up relief is fast and effective for  relief and is completely tailored to your unique fibromyalgia symptoms.

Finally, Support That Truly Understands Life with Fibro

Whether it's symptoms dismissed or feeling like a ‘nuisance,’ many have faced disbelief from professionals. Our team has walked in your shoes. Feel supported with care by peers who've been on their own personal fibro journeys.

Bringing Together Multiple Fields to Finally Create a Solution That Works

Our program has been designed by doctors, scientists, psychologists and importantly, people living with fibromyalgia. This powerful combination of both clinical and lived insights finally puts proven, lasting relief within reach.

Access Top Psychologists Specializing in Pain Management and Fibromyalgia

For years it’s been near impossible for people living with fibro to access psychologists who actually specialize in pain management. It’s now easier and more accessible than ever to access these life-changing therapies with our flare-ups relief bundle.

Rated 5 Stars Google Reviews

Hear from Fellow Warriors: Their Flare-Ups Are Now "Once a Year" and "Nowhere Near as Intense"

Rated 5 Stars Google Reviews

How Does MoreGoodDays Reduce the Intensity of My Flare-Ups?

Those flares tormenting your days have roots tracing back to an overprotective brain stuck on high alert. But what if you could show your nervous system that there's no danger, by retraining your body's reactions to your unique triggers? Through precise techniques guided by specialist psychologists, you CAN reprogram pathways that are causing you pain. Our personalized pain-management program leverages this breakthrough science called Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT).

Alongside soothing audio sessions, psychologists walk you through recognizing flares early and redirecting the brain's response using the power of mindfulness, somatic tracking, and lifestyle adjustments. Research shows that 98% of PRT patients experienced improvements and 66% of people were pain-free or nearly pain-free after just 4 weeks. [1]

Rated 5 Stars Google Reviews

What People Are Saying About MoreGoodDays...

Bianca Jagoe

I was a skeptic about what a program like this would really do for me, having tried many different chronic pain management solutions, but I am so glad that I gave myself over to the possibility it would help me. I am tangibly in much less pain, have a greater understanding of my condition, can better verbalise and validate my experiences and have many more ‘tools’ to mange flare ups. The program is holistic, validating, empowering and encouraging. I can now accept and look beyond my pain to what I am still capable of, what I still have the capacity for and what is to be enjoyed and experienced in my daily life.

Rachael Hunter

This program is Fabulous for anyone suffering from chronic pain. Though it may have originally been designed with fibromyalgia in mind, the topics covered, the research included and the 1 to 1 therapy sessions with a psychologist that KNOWS and understands the issues surrounding chronic pain mean that it was a life saver for me. The team at MoreGoodDays are so compassionate and kind. They are professional and very responsive and chronic pain for over 28 years and I have tried so many modalities to help me manage the pain. MoreGoodDays helped me to understand my condition and also manage the symptoms. I cannot thank you all enough for the fabulous work you do.

This has truly changes the quality of my life !!

Sonja Smout

The program is well presented and the information is easy to follow and understand. Having access to a psychologist via video is very helpful to follow-up on content.

Steph is particularly good at unravelling something you said and really digging down to the root of the belief/feeling.

I highly recommend the MoreGoodDays program to anyone with a chronic health/pain condition.

Michelle Finighan

I highly recommend MoreGoodDays to anyone with a Fibromyalgia diagnosis. The self-guided resources are specific for people with Firbomyalgia and I found them to be extremely useful. I am extremely thankful for the subsidy which has allowed me to access the therapist guided program. I have completed a therapy guided chronic pain program before and whilst it was useful, it is wonderful to be working with a therapist with a great understanding of Fibromyalgia.

5 Simple Steps to Flare-Up Relief


Click any link on this page and enter your details to get started for free.


Choose the plan that best aligns with your unique fibromyalgia goals and needs.


Get a tailored program specifically targeting your unique fibromyalgia symptoms, designed by experienced pain psychologists.


Access powerful sessions with a specialist pain psychologist to can recalibrate your brain’s processing of pain.


Within a week, you'll likely start to see a reduction in the intensity of your flare-ups and feel more capable of managing early triggers and your experience of pain moving forward.

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Begin Your Fibro Management Journey With Free Access For Life

Start your path to fibromyalgia pain management right from home. Our free bundle is the perfect starting place to understand fibromyalgia and discover non-drug tools for feeling better. Dive into immersive 10-minute daily sessions that help calm pain, combat fatigue, and enhance your mental and emotional well-being. Each session is grounded in clinically validated pain neuroscience and psychology, making it an ideal first step in your journey towards managing fibro effectively.

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