A new approach to flare-up relief for fibromyalgia

Get fast and effective relief from your flare-ups with two therapy sessions designed to make you feel better and get you back on track

Relieve my flare-up now
Excellent 4.5 out of 5
We’ve helped relieve flare-ups for hundreds of people
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Are you currently in a flare and feeling overwhelmed?

When your symptoms intensify, seemingly out of nowhere, it can be mentally and physically overwhelming and super stressful. You're probably in for a bumpy ride. Flares can last for a few days to a few weeks and one thing is for sure, there is never a good time to have one.

We understand the frustration all too well. That’s why we’ve created the flare-up relief bundle – to you can get relief faster and more affordably than ever before. This solution aims to calm your current flare and get restore emotional and physical health so you can get back to the things that matter.

The powerful, research-backed approach helping fibro-warriors like you finally find flare-up relief

Our flare relief bundle utilizes groundbreaking neuroscience and psychology, validated by Harvard Health, New Scientist and the New York Times. It works by calming your pain response system, which is overactive and amplified during a flare-up. Our therapists guide you through sessions from the comfort of home, without any medications or the scary side effects that come with it.

Your own dedicated Support Coach will personalize a flare plan to get you through, and is sending you messages of support along the way. You’ll learn techniques and tools you can use again in future flare-ups, and how to preventatively manage your triggers. We’ve already helped hundreds of people break free from their flare-ups and get back on track with life – let us help you.

Relieve my flare-up now
Excellent 4.5 out of 5

MoreGoodDays® makes effective flare relief more accessible and affordable than ever

Access specialized pain psychology adapted for fibromyalgia

Access to psychologists specializing in pain and fibromyalgia is traditionally difficult to find and expensive. Our goal is to make these life-changing therapies affordable for anyone who needs it.

Support that truly understands what it’s like to live with fibro

Whether it's symptoms dismissed or feeling like a ‘nuisance,’ many have faced disbelief from professionals. Our team has walked in your shoes. Feel supported with care by peers who've been on their own personal fibro journeys.

Bringing together the best of science into your hands

Our approach has been designed by leading doctors, scientists psychologists and importantly, people living with fibromyalgia. This powerful combination of clinical and lived insights puts effective relief within reach.

A solution as unique as your own experience of fibro

We understand that every person’s experience of fibro is different, and one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work. Our therapists and coaches get to know you and your unique symptoms to tailor your relief plan.

Relieve my flare-up now
Excellent 4.5 out of 5

Hear from fellow warriors: Their flare-ups are now "once a year" and "nowhere near as intense"

Relieve my flare-up now
Excellent 4.5 out of 5

How does this solution actually reduce the intensity of my flare-ups?

Many things could trigger a flare-up – from a stressful situation, to hormonal changes or something you ate. No matter the cause, your brain has decided you are in danger and has amped up your nervous and pain response system to be stuck on high alert – driving your current flare-up. But what if you could show your nervous system that there’s no danger? By leaning on breakthrough neuroscience and psychology called Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), our specialized therapists guide you through precise techniques designed to calm your flare and retrain your body’s reaction to your unique triggers. [1]

Relieve my flare-up now
Excellent 4.5 out of 5

What people are saying about MoreGoodDays...

Bianca Jagoe

I was a skeptic about what a program like this would really do for me, having tried many different chronic pain management solutions, but I am so glad that I gave myself over to the possibility it would help me. I am tangibly in much less pain, have a greater understanding of my condition, can better verbalise and validate my experiences and have many more ‘tools’ to mange flare ups. The program is holistic, validating, empowering and encouraging. I can now accept and look beyond my pain to what I am still capable of, what I still have the capacity for and what is to be enjoyed and experienced in my daily life.

Rachael Hunter

This program is Fabulous for anyone suffering from chronic pain. Though it may have originally been designed with fibromyalgia in mind, the topics covered, the research included and the 1 to 1 therapy sessions with a psychologist that KNOWS and understands the issues surrounding chronic pain mean that it was a life saver for me. The team at MoreGoodDays are so compassionate and kind. They are professional and very responsive and chronic pain for over 28 years and I have tried so many modalities to help me manage the pain. MoreGoodDays helped me to understand my condition and also manage the symptoms. I cannot thank you all enough for the fabulous work you do.

This has truly changes the quality of my life !!

Sonja Smout

The program is well presented and the information is easy to follow and understand. Having access to a psychologist via video is very helpful to follow-up on content.

Steph is particularly good at unravelling something you said and really digging down to the root of the belief/feeling.

I highly recommend the MoreGoodDays program to anyone with a chronic health/pain condition.

Michelle Finighan

I highly recommend MoreGoodDays to anyone with a Fibromyalgia diagnosis. The self-guided resources are specific for people with Firbomyalgia and I found them to be extremely useful. I am extremely thankful for the subsidy which has allowed me to access the therapist guided program. I have completed a therapy guided chronic pain program before and whilst it was useful, it is wonderful to be working with a therapist with a great understanding of Fibromyalgia.

5 simple steps to flare-up relief


Click any link on this page and enter your details to start your journey


Your coach will reach out, get to know your unique situation and together create your personal relief plan


Attend two sessions with your therapist who will guide you through exercises to calm your flare and get you back on track


After your sessions, you’ll likely start to feel better. You can access the content in our app to learn more about fibromyalgia and start your journey toward long-term relief

Relieve my flare-up now
Excellent 4.5 out of 5

Our “Shut The Flare-Up” Guarantee

At MoreGoodDays, we're serious about flare-up relief. We're bringing you this bundle of research-backed techniques, including psychology sessions, because enough is enough. It’s time to turn down the volume on your flare-ups and get back to living your best life. With your own flare-up relief plan based on research-backed techniques, plus two sessions with a therapist to calm your nervous system, we couldn’t be more confident you’ll be able to feel better.

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Here’s what’s included:

Personalized flare relief plan

2 pain psychology sessions (GP referral required)

1:1 video session & texting support from a coach with fibro

Latest pain science and mind-body practices

Relieve my flare-up now
Excellent 4.5 out of 5